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5 tips for using dried flowers that you can make at home

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Dried flowers have many different uses and meanings, how to make full use of dried flowers is not sure everyone knows. So let's find out with SKFLUER the new uses of dried flowers.

1. Decorate dried flowers to vases

One way to repurpose your dried flowers is to decorate them into dry vases. I like this option, especially if the bouquet was presented to you by a loved one. That way, you can keep that cherished gift with you for a long time. Put them in a vase that you like and adjust them to your liking. If you want to add a little fragrance, put some essential oils on them.

Start with inserting the flower foam at the bottom of your jar. First, evenly distribute the tallest foliage, then arrange larger dried leaves or flowers, trimming the length of the stem as you go to create the shape you like.

You can use any vase style to create a beautiful centerpiece, or to make a difference, you can try a straw basket. Filling these with rice flowers, lavender and rabbittail grass will give the feeling of being in France.

Dried flower for vase
Dried flower for vase

2. Tips for using dried flowers cards

Another way to repurpose your dried flowers is to make dried flower cards. This way you can freely create your own way to spend with your loved ones. You can make Christmas cards, birthday cards, greeting cards and even just a beautiful picture with a soothing message to give to people. Accompanying the wish is a dried flower, the gift will definitely become much more meaningful. Another tip is to put some essential oil on the card to make it smell good. If you don't have essential oils, you can even use perfume to create a fragrance on your cards.

Make dried flower cards
Make dried flower cards

3. Dried flower painting pressed

Arrange flowers on background paper to form a beautiful floral picture. You can try various arrangements until you see fit. Use scissors or staples to secure the flowers to the base sheet. Make sure the flowers are balanced and not skewed or tilted. Place the laminated sheet on top of the flowers and the base sheet. Make sure all flowers lie flat and don't tilt or get entangled in the press. Use masking tape or spray to attach the plate tightly pressed to the base sheet. Make sure the press plate does not move or deviate from place. Double-check that the base sheet and laminated plate are clean and free of stains. If necessary, you can gently clean for cleaning.

Dried flower painting
Dried flower painting

4. Making mini dried flower bouquet

You can also use dried flowers to form mini bouquets of dried flowers to add a touch with the accompanying gifts.

Mini dried flower bouquet
Mini dried flower bouquet

5. Combine dried flowers into decorative rings

To make a white dry wreath, you must prepare dried flower stems and ring molds. If you don't have the above yet then you can SKFLEUR to choose the right templates for your idea. If the ring you choose isn't in perfect shape yet or needs adjustment, you can bend or cut the ring to suit your ideas. Start by choosing the type of dried flowers you want to use. You can choose fresh flowers and let them dry naturally or use existing dried flowers. Arrange dried flowers around the ring. You can arrange one type of dried flower on the entire ring or combine a variety of dried flowers to create variety and harmony. Use small wire or textile fibers to tie or bind dried flowers to rings. You can add accessories such as bandages, bows, leaves, herbs, or any other decorative material to add accents to the wreath. Use thermal glue or wire to attach the fittings to the ring. Double-check to make sure that all elements are tightly mounted and not wobbly. Customize if necessary, making sure that your dry wreath is in shapes and colors compatible with your décor space.

Dried flower decoration rings
Dried flower decoration rings

Above is SKFLEUR sharing of tips for using dried flowers. Hope the above article can help you create the dried flower products you want.

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