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Dried Flower to Decor - Great Choice for Cafes

Updated: Jan 14

Dried flower decoration is one of the interior decoration trends that are popular today. With its convenience and uniqueness, dried flowers have become a great choice for places such as cafes, studios, spas, movie sets, hotels. Let's learn with SKFLEUR how to decorate dried flowers for the cafe

1. About Us

SKFLEUR is one of the leading units in the field of supply and decoration of dried flowers. With our experience and knowledge, we have helped many businesses create luxurious spaces and attract customers. Locations that need to be decorated with dried flowers include cafes, studios, spas, film studios and hotels.

Use dried flowers to decorate the café
Use dried flowers bouquet decorate the café

2. Is it recommended to use dried flowers to decorate the cafe?

Using dried flowers to decorate a cafe can also help create a unique and interesting space. Here is some more specific information on why dried flowers should be used:

Long shelf life: Dried flowers have the ability to retain their original shape and color for a long time without special care. This saves you time and effort in replacing flowers as often as fresh ones.

Architectural Variety of Designs: Dried flowers can be made up of a variety of plants, such as dried lily flower, dried roses, persimmons, daisies, orchids, lavender, and many other leaves. This offers a variety of options and creativity in decorating the cafe. You can create bouquets, garlands, flower spikes or simply arrange dried petals on tables and shelves.

No need for much care: Dried flowers don't need water, don't have to worry about daily watering or changing water periodically like fresh flowers. This saves staff time and effort as well as reduces water consumption in the café.

Hypoallergenic: For customers with fresh flower allergies, dried flowers are a good choice. They are not as irritating as some types of pollen and do not have a strong scent that can be irritating.

Create a cozy space: Dried flowers bring a natural and warm look to the cafe space. They can create focal points for tables and display corners, creating a cozy and close feeling for customers.

3.Solutions to use dried flowers to decorate the cafe

There are many ways to use dried flowers to decor a café. Here are some solutions that you can apply:

Dry vases: Use vases or glass vases to arrange and display dried flowers in a café. You can choose dried flowers with colors and shapes that match the atmosphere and style of the shop.

Dry vase
Dried flowers bouquet wholesale

Dried flower paintings: Create paintings or artwork using dried floral bouquet or single in a café. You can arrange dried flowers into patterns, patterns, or iconography to create elegant and unique compositions. Hang dried flowers on strings or hanging tools to create decorative strips of dried flowers on walls or ceilings. This creates a stylish décor space and attracts the attention of customers.

Dry wreaths: Create dry wreaths to hang on a wall or café door. Dried wreaths can be made up of dried flowers and other accessories such as hay, leaves, or some other decorative accessory.

Dry wreath
Dry wreath

Decorative tables: Use dried flowers to decorate the tables in the café. You can place dried flower stems in vases or small jars and place them on the table to create accents and create a warm and friendly space.

Shelves of dried flowers: Arrange dried flowers on shelves or bookshelves in a café. This is a great way to take advantage of unused space and create a sophisticated and inviting decorative corner.

4. The benefits of using dried flowers for decoration

  • The use of dried flowers in decoration brings many benefits to the business: Create unique spaces and attract customers.

  • Save preservation costs compared to fresh flowers.

  • Help increase the brand value of the business.

In this article, SKFLEUR and you have learned about the use of dried flowers in decoration for places such as cafes, studios, spas, film studios, hotels. The use of dried flowers not only creates a unique space and attracts customers, but also saves preservation costs and increases the brand value of the business. If you need to buy dried flower products, SKFLEUR will be a great choice for you. Follow us for more good information about dried flowers

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