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Preserved Flowers - Facts that you cannot ignore

Updated: Jan 10

Until now, people often only know about fresh flowers, fake flowers used for decoration or as gifts. Today, preserved flowers (dried flower) are gradually colonizing the market because of its long-fading and special beauty. However, if you only hear about dried flowers, you cannot fully understand them. Below SKFLEUR will explain to you the facts about Dried Flowers that you cannot ignore when owning them.

1. What are Preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are flowers that are dried or marinated or allowed to dry naturally without fading its inherent beauty. The purpose of creating preserved flowers is to maintain their pure natural beauty as well as their unique scent. To form preserved flowers there are many ways such as: drying, marinating, drying, impregnating chemicals ,... Depending on the way, preserved flowers are created with many different beauty and fragrances. Currently, preserved flowers are constantly updating many new designs both to decorate the house and to make gifts for friends and relatives. In addition to beauty, dried flowers are constantly being upgraded in quality. It is difficult to distinguish preserved flowers from fresh flowers just by looking at them because of their authenticity.

Dried flowers are flowers that are dried or marinated or allowed to dry naturally
Preserved flower bouquet

2. How long do Preserved flowers last?

Typically, preserved flowers can be stored for 1 to 3 years. Everyone when storing preserved flowers should take care to keep them away from wet places. The more wet places are left, the faster the flowers spoil, the lower the life expectancy. Therefore, you should avoid placing flowers in places such as bathrooms, kitchens or places that are easily exposed to water for best storage. There are preserved flowers stored in airtight containers that can be kept for up to almost a dozen years.

3. Do Preserved flowers get moldy for a long time?

In case you store the flower in humid places for a long time such as the bathroom or kitchen,... these places are easy to cause preserved flowers to become moldy. Left very rarely the flower becomes moldy. It is not well ventilated in the room, making it easy for flowers to sweat. Therefore, you should avoid letting the air conditioner splash directly on the flower, and avoid placing the flower in a room with high humidity. If the flower is moldy, you can take cotton wool or a soft cloth absorbent with water and gently wipe over the moldy part. After cleaning, you should take the flowers to a ventilated or sunny place in the early morning to dry.

Do dried flowers get moldy for a long time
Preserved flowers wholesale in Skfleur

4. Facts about Preserved flowers

When directly hit by the sun, it will cause dried flowers to fade. Or the temperature in the room is high. You should leave the flower in a place with open air. It is not recommended to place the flower next to the window where direct sunlight enters.

5. Do Preserved flowers fall easily?

Most types of Natural Preserved Flowers usually shed their wings more easily than other types of Preserved Flowers. Preventing petals from falling is mainly to avoid hitting the flowers hard, not to transport the flowers too much and places with high winds or in front of the blower.

Dried flowers are flowers that are dried or marinated or allowed to dry naturally
Preserved flower bouquet

6. Is it possible to make Preserved flowers yourself? If possible, how to do it?

You are a flower lover but are afraid to buy fresh flowers because they fade quickly. So you can turn fresh flowers into preserved flowers yourself while retaining their beauty and characteristic scent. You can hang the flower upside down in small bunches of 5 to 15 stems. However, you need to make sure to make flowers in open space conditions for the flower drying process to take place successfully. You should pay attention to keep the flower away from the sun, do not let direct sunlight on the flower. Because if you let direct sunlight in, it will cause the flowers to fade. Do not let the flower fall because if it falls, it will break and drop the petals.

Keep the flower away from the sun
Keep the flower away from the sun

7. What types of flowers can make Preserved flowers?

Currently, there are many varieties of flowers suitable for forming preserved flowers. SKFLEUR can suggest some flowers suitable for preserved flowers such as: rose, baby flower, Lavender flower, chrysanthemum ,... Try to choose flowers with thick stems to avoid breakage.

8. Do Preserved flowers require care?

Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flower do not require care or watering. They do not need watering. The only way you need to preserve preserved flowers is to keep them dust-free, not damp to retain their natural beauty. Keep away from direct sunlight so as not to fade.

9. What is the meaning that Preserved flowers bring?

Preserved flowers always symbolize longevity, immortality in life. Preserved flowers can be gifted on holidays or birthdays,... or on a particular day.

Preserved flowers are a symbol of eternity, preserved forever over time and not faded over the years, general type such as preserved roses, preserved tulips, preserved daisys, preserved hydrangea, preserved sunflower ...

Dried flowers are a symbol of eternity
Dried flowers are a symbol of eternity

10. Do Preserved flowers lose their original fragrance after being done?

After you dry, whether their fragrance is the same or not depends on the flower. Some flowers still smell after drying such as preserved roses, preserved tulips, Lavender flowers,... Can retain its smell for 2 to 3 years after it is dried.

Above is the truth about preserved flowers that SKFLEUR wants to send to you. You can visit SKFLEUR to choose your own bouquets of dried flowers as gifts for your relatives and family. For more information, facts about dried flowers contact and refer to more next articles of SKFLEUR!

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