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Preserved Flower: Why should You choose instead of fresh flower?

Updated: 3 days ago

Preserved flowers are fresh cut flowers which undergoes a unique preservation process that leave the flowers looking natural by maintaining their original suppleness, shape, brightness and will last for several months or even years. They are a 100% natural, virtually maintenance-free and not easy to find in Singapore. And for these reasons, preserved flowers are a perfect way to make your loved one feel special.

Preserved flower dome

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#1: Long lasting

Preserved flowers can last several months or even years depending on how you care.

long lasting preserved flower

A well-known method of making dried flowers is to leave them dry naturally. Once completely dry, they can undergo a coloration and setting treatment so that they regain some of their original appearance. However, they look hard and break easily.

Unlike preserved flowers, even it is also a form of drying, but its process is much more sophisticated. The result is a completely natural appearance and feel, as if they were freshly-cut flowers.

#2: Maintenance-free

Preserved flowers require minimal maintenance and care. Once treated, they can last for months or years without watering or pruning. They're an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the beauty of flowers without the hassle of regular maintenance.

Many, however, prefer fresh flower bouquets, over preserved ones. They make perfect, meaningful gifts for Valentine's, Mother's Day, or any occasion..

#3: Natural and ecological

No matter the choice, fresh or preserved flowers have different environmental impacts. Non-locally grown fresh flowers require a significant amount of energy to be transported. This can contribute to high greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Additionally, using pesticides and fertilisers in the growing process can negatively impact soil and water quality.

Meanwhile, preserved flowers are considered more environmentally friendly. They do not require ongoing energy consumption or the use of pesticides or fertilisers.

But there are environmental drawbacks to preserved flowers too. Preserving flowers generally involves using chemicals like glycerin-based solutions, silica gel, dyes, fungicides, formaldehyde, and other treatments.

#4: Economical

They are more cost-effective in the long run. The price of preserved flower arrangements (e.g: preserved bouquet or dome) may be higher at times, but they have a better value over time because they do not require regular care. 

Unlike fresh flowers, preserved ones are not affected by seasonality. And this suggests you can buy your favourite preserved buds all year round without significant price changes.

Ultimately, the price difference between preserved/dried flowers vs fresh flowers depends on type, seasonality, and desired aesthetic.

Those on a budget may find preserved flowers a more affordable option in the long run, while those looking for the natural beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers may be willing to pay more for the experience.

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