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Tips for dried flowers preservation to make them last longer

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

The trend of using dried flowers for decoration is becoming more and more popular. Decorative bouquets of dried flowers will adorn your home space, help the room have a highlight and improve your mood. You are worried that dried flowers spoil quickly, do not last long. How long dried flowers last depends on many factors, let's find out with SKfleur.

The trend of using dried flowers for decoration is becoming more and more popular
The trend of using dried flowers for decoration is becoming more and more popular

1. How long do dried flowers last?

Dried flowers are not only beautiful, but also very suitable for gifts and decoration. They also have a much longer shelf life than fresh flowers. Dried flowers are often referred to as "eternal" But how long do dried flowers last?

Dried Ammobium of SKfleur
Dried Ammobium of SKfleur

That answer depends on the factors and methods: The quality of flowers, drying methods, proper care and storage will help the dried flowers last longer. Many quality dried flowers can last up to 2 or 3 years if properly cared for. A general rule of thumb: the more humid the room, the shorter their lifespan. For that reason, avoid placing them in the bathroom or in the kitchen. The dried flowers are kept in an airtight container that can last for more than 10 years.

To store dried flowers for a long time, you should place them in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. If dried flowers become damp, they may become moldy or damaged. If you want to use dried flowers to decorate your home or give to relatives, you should store them in paper boxes or wrap them with foil to prevent dust and protect them from external agents.

2. Which dried flower lasts the longest?

Depending on the type of flower segment, some flowers can preserve and last longer than others. Some types of flowers that last a long time to dry include:

2.1. Dried lavender flowers

Lavender is one of the most popular dried flowers and can be stored for 2-3 years. Lavender has a mild fragrance and is used in a variety of purposes such as home decoration, jar plugging or meaningful gifts

Dried lavender flowers can be left for 2-3 years
Dried lavender flowers can be left for 2-3 years

2.2. Dried baby flower

Dried baby is a beautiful little dried flower, used in many wedding bouquets and can be stored for 1-2 years.

Dried baby flowers can keep for about 1-2 years
Dried baby flowers can keep for about 1-2 years

2.3. Dried Immortal Chrysanthemum

Immortal Chrysanthemums with eternal natural colors without fear of fading

Eternal immortal chrysanthemums are not afraid to fade with time
Eternal immortal chrysanthemums are not afraid to fade with time

3. Do dried flowers lose their color?

As the flowers dry, they will naturally lose their vitality, and their color may fade. However, there are some flower drying methods that are known to retain color better than others, silica gel drying helps keep flower color better.

However, some people are very fond of the unique rustic look of natural dried flowers, which can be dyed to create more vibrant flowers that suit their preferences and needs and also help them not lose color after a long time and can be displayed in ideal conditions

Dried flowers will lose their color over time
Dried flowers will lose their color over time

4. Causes dried flowers lose color

Long-dried flowers are clogged with dust, making the flower color no longer as fresh and beautiful as the original

Moldy flowers make your dry flowerpot less shimmering due to the humidity of the surroundings where you display the flowers

The flower is sweaty, watery due to excessive humidity in the air, and the room where the flower is distilled is not well ventilated

Dried flowers become pale due to the frequent direct sunlight on the flowers

Dried flowers are dropped a lot

5. Is it difficult to store dried flowers? The best way to dried flowers preservation

Some methods of preserving dried flowers and Hara would like to share for you to love flowers:

  • Avoid placing and displaying flowers in direct sunlight. Because sunlight will fade dry flowers. So you need to pay attention

  • Avoid displaying or placing dried flowers in wet places because it will cause the flowers to defect or turn brown. In humid environments they can also be more susceptible to mold, so avoid displaying flowers in places where water splashes are frequent, such as bathrooms or kitchens

  • Avoid heavy contact or touch

  • Unlike fresh flowers that require you to take care of them regularly such as changing and pruning leaves. Dried flowers allow you to be "lazy"

Proper storage of dried flowers
Proper storage of dried flowers

So how to make dried flowers last a long time, there are some additional things you can refer to:

You can apply a new protective layer to dry flowers that will help keep the flowers colored away from dirt and moisture. The simplest is that you can use hairspray that will help the flower keep longer

With decorative dry bouquets, after a period of use and the display is easy to collect dust, you can use a feather brush or a dry soft cloth to quickly wipe them

SKfleur hopes that with the above sharing you will apply to preserve flowers as best as possible. However, when the flower vase is 6 months to a year, it is time to replace the flower pot to refresh your living space.

Above we have shared with flower lovers tips to help preserve flowers to keep your favorite bouquet longer. And now that you know how long dried flowers last when stored in the right conditions, SKfleur hopes you'll enjoy your dried bouquet for a long time to come!

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