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Preserved Flowers: What are the main colours for flowers?

There isn't a single most common preserved flower colour, but here are some of the most widely seen colors in the blooming world:

🌹Red: Red flowers are known for symbolizing love and passion. Preserved Roses are the most popular examples of red flowers.

Yellow: Yellow flowers often represent friendship and joy. Gerberas are examples of cheerful yellow blooms.

Pink: Pink flowers can have various meanings depending on the shade, but they generally symbolize love, innocence, and femininity. Roses are some beautiful examples of pink flowers.

Purple: Purple flowers are associated with royalty, luxury, and wisdom.

Blue: Blue flowers are less common than other colors, but they can symbolize trust, peace, and tranquility.

Other colors, like white, green and black, are less common but can still be found in some flower varieties.

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